The Glasgow Housing Register: Northwest online application system is temporarily unavailable while further development work is carried out.  If you would like to apply for social housing in the Northwest area or update an existing application, please contact the Housing Associations/Co-operatives to which you wish to apply directly.

Glasgow Housing Register (GHR) is a common housing register used to maintain the waiting lists for social rented housing in the Northwest of Glasgow. This was developed in partnership with the Registered Social Landlords (Housing Associations and Co-Operatives) who have houses to let in the area.

Glasgow Housing Register (GHR) has been created to allow applicants for Social Housing to complete one online Application Form to apply to more than one Housing Association. Participating Housing Associations are identified here

The easiest way to apply to any of the GHR Partners is to use the Online Form

If you would like assistance to complete the online form, or you have any problems or queries, please contact one of the landlords you would like to be housed by, their details can be found on the Contact Us Page

The GHR Application Form, along with a Medical Assessment Form can also be downloaded and delivered to any of the landlords you would like to be housed by.  Please note you will need a Medical Assessment Form for every person in your household with a medical need or disability.

If you are the tenant or an existing applicant of one of the GHR Partners, you can contact them directly for advice or information about many aspects of housing.

There are also a number of organisations who offer specialist or tailored advice for specific circumstances, some of these are listed in our Useful Links section.

 If you are 16 or over, you can apply for Social Rented Housing.

You will need a valid email address to complete a Glasgow Housing Register: Northwest Application Form.

A Valid email address is required to complete GHR pplication.

There are a number of free Email Account Providers and, in most cases, a new email account can be created in a matter of minutes. You can use the links below to create an email account, or you can search on the internet for any other Providers with whom you might prefer to register.


If you do not have, or do not want to supply an email address, please contact each of the Landlords you wish to be housed by and they will process your application. 


(Please be aware that GHR is not responsible for external web content)

When your completed application is received by the participating Housing Associations you have chosen, they will assess and point your application in line with their own Allocations Policy (see below “How Long Will I have to Wait?”). You may also be asked to provide additional information, including 2 forms of identification, to support your application.

In some cases, Housing Associations may invite you to their offices to complete a Housing Options Interview, which will further assess your housing need and can offer tailored advice on your personal housing situation.

You will then be contacted with information about your points level and your position on the Waiting List.

Depending on how many Participating Housing Associationa you request to be considered by, you will potentially receive more than one Allocations letter.

The GHR Online Application Form requires 5 years worth of Address History to submit an application.

If at any point in the last 5 years you have had no fixed address, please type "No Fixed Address" into the fields marked with an *, along with the relevant dates.

Some of the GHR Landlords use Housing Options Interviews to better understand your housing needs and aspirations. 

This is an approach which offers personal advice to anyone who may need housing advice or assistance.  It aims support you if you feel you are struggling to stay in your current home, to help you make informed choices about your housing options/future and to prevent you from becoming homeless.

Housing Options Interviews look at your individual circumstances; your housing and personal needs and choices.  This will include any support needs or other specific needs you tell us about.  We will help you to consider access to Social Housing (Housing Associations), the Private Rented Sector, Ownership Options, Homelessness services and consider support to help you remain in your current home.

A Housing Options interview will take approximately 45 minutes and we will offer solutions tailored to your personal needs.

This will depend on your points and your position on the Waiting Lists of participating Housing Associations and the availability of your choice of house type.

Each Partner Organisation allocates points according to their own Allocations Policies.

Properties are the allocated on the basis of housing need and points are awarded for a range of circumstances to applicants in housing need e.g. overcrowding, medical condition etc.

If your circumstances change, you should inform us immediately either by logging into your Application and updating the relevant information or by contacting any participating Housing Association you requested to be housed by

Your User Name will be the email address you provided when you started your application.

If you have forgotten, or no longer have access to, that email address you will need to contact any of the participating Housing Associations you requested to be housed by. You will need to supply a new email address and this will be changed in the Glasgow Housing Register and become your new User Name.

You can reset your password on the Online Application Form start page, by clicking the Log In Button and selecting the Reset Password option. You will be asked for your email address and to answer the security question you provided when submitting you application.

Your application will be reviewed regularly by all the participating Housing Associations chosen by you. This is to ensure the information held about you is correct and that you are still interested in social housing in the Northwest of Glasgow.

You must reply to the review, even if your circumstances have not changed. If you do not reply this could result in your application being closed.

If you are homeless, or think you might become homeless, contact your nearest Community Homeless Service.

Glasgow City Council also provides a homelessness out of hours service at:

The Hamish Allan Centre
180 Centre Street
Glasgow G5 8EE

Freephone: 0800 838 502

This Centre is open from 16:45pm to 08.45am Monday to Friday. Open 24 hours on Saturdays, Sundays and public holidays.


(Please be aware that GHR is not responsible for external web content)

Some Partners operate a Choice-based letting system, which allows applicants to choose the houses for which they wish to be considered.

Available properties are advertised on a weekly basis, and you bid for places where you would like to live and which are suitable for you (for example, you can't bid for properties which are too big or too small for your family). 

Household needs are considered when selecting who would be given the offer of a house and if more than one household with the same level of need bids for the same property, the offer will usually be made to the person who has been waiting the longest.

Some people may also have special priority, for example, because they are homeless or have health problems.

Once you have accepted an offer of Housing, your Application Status will be changed to “Housed” and all participating Housing Associations you requested to be considered by will be notified for your application to be removed from their Waiting List.

The information you supply will be used for the purposes of processing your Housing Application and may be used to verify your eligibility for housing.

Where previous landlord details have been supplied we may contact them for tenancy references.

All information will be held and treated under The Data Protection Act 1998 and where sensitive personal data are supplied this will be managed accordingly. 

Please read our full Disclaimer and Privacy Policy for more information.

Only authorised staff within the participating Housing Associations you have requested to housed by will have access to your Application Information.

Glasgow City Council will receive anonymised statistical data.

Please read our full Disclaimer and Privacy Policy for more information.